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Did Your Employer Protect You at Work?

If not, and you feel you were injured due to their lack of care, you may be entitled to claim for any personal injury* you suffered! This can be both physical and/or psychological injury, resulting from work-related stress, bullying or harassment, for example.

“A driver who was left in fear of his life after his bullying manager aimed a rifle at his head has been awarded €140,000 in High Court damages”

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Every working day seven people are hurt in work slips, trips and falls in Ireland. 9,199 non-fatal injuries to workers and non-workers were reported to the Health and Safety Authority (HAS) in 2018. This equates to about 4% of those in employment. The Central Statistics office (CSO) puts the number at 22,500. So injuries at work are a common occurrence.

Your employer has a legal duty of care to make sure you are working in a safe environment. Safe both from injury and psychological harm. These responsibilities for both the employee and employer are governed by The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

You’re at work to earn a living to provide for yourself and your family. You want to go to work every day, be safe, and get paid each month. But that doesn’t always happen! Nothing is worse than an employer who cuts corners, doesn’t keep the machinery up to date, or even care if you’re working in a safe environment. It shouldn’t happen, but it does.

Employee Worries

Not all employers are punished for their behaviour. This is because many people who have suffered an injury at work don’t make a claim.

Why? A fear of upsetting their employer and being sacked.

Fear not! It’s your moral right to make a claim for the injuries you’ve suffered. Don’t worry, the law is behind you. Your employer can’t legally dismiss you for making a lawful claim, regardless of whether they are a small firm or a multi-national company.

Common Cause of Injuries at Work

Every week we see people just like you who have suffered a personal injury* while working at a construction site, a commercial kitchen, a factory or an office. There are generally common causes to work accidents. So don’t struggle alone! Our job is to help you. We fight for a financial settlement that is rightfully yours as a result of your employer’s negligence. We’re the experts. We’re not some multi-disciplinary law firm that dabbles in a bit of this and a bit of that.

We do personal injury* law…………nothing else. We didn’t start last week either, we have a combined experience of 40 years dealing with personal injury* cases just like yours.

We help you right the wrongs of your employer, securing you the financial settlement you deserve, as a result of your employer’s negligence. We aim to make the process of making a claim as easy as possible, meaning you’re not lying awake at night thinking what to do next.

We know what is and isn’t a reasonable settlement. If you deal with your employer’s insurer directly, their self-interest is directed at paying you as little as possible. Their obligations are towards both your employer and themselves…not you. We, on the other hand, work for you and work to secure you the best financial settlement possible.

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of people just like you. With us, you’ll be in extra safe hands. Just ask our previous clients.

“I would just like to say thanks for your help throughout my case. I found Accident Claims Direct really helpful; I was really satisfied with the settlement you reached for me. All staff was really nice, so easy to deal with and was a great help throughout the whole case. I would recommend Accident Claims Direct to my family and friends.” L. McC. Dublin

Call us today and book a friendly chat with us. Together, we can discuss whether you have a reasonable chance success making a claim for damages and securing a financial settlement.


Remember, most insurance companies will want to deal with you directly.


Because they want to make an offer before a medical report is carried out. The insurers know you have no knowledge of the law and take advantage of that. They don’t want you to instruct a solicitor. They know the solicitor will advise you get a medical report carried out.

What difference does a medical report make?

Well, it could significantly impact on the amount of damages you could claim, and the insurer’s don’t want you to know this. When you instruct us, we fight the battle on your behalf. We’re here to make sure that you get the damages you deserve. We do this by making sure you get a medical report from a competent and experienced doctor.

It costs nothing to start investigating whether you have a claim. The only cost is your time. The initial chat is 100% on us-Guaranteed!

Don’t forget, you only have two years from the date of the accident to start your claim. Take action today and let us see how we can help you.

Let’s have a meaningful chat today about how we can help you.

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Reporting your accident

Should I report the accident?


If you don’t report the accident, the other parties insurer may deny liability. This would make it more difficult to fight your claim.

When should I instruct a solicitor?

If you are thinking about making a claim you should instruct a solicitor as soon as possible after the accident. This way, you still have a clear recollection of the accident when we discuss your case with you. Plus, it’s easier to speak to your work colleagues now while events are fresh in their memory. Plus, secure any CCTV footage if required. Further, we may need a professional expert to visit the scene of the accident.

We also save you time by speaking to you and advising as to who is responsible for the accident and what you are rightfully entitled to claim for.

Do you have more questions?

If you have any questions we’ve not answered, take a look at our FAQ section, or alternatively, speak to us directly. We’ll know the answer, but on the rare occasion we don’t, we’re solicitors, we can find out and ring you back!

Do I need to instruct a solicitor to make a personal injury claim?

Often insurers will offer to deal with you directly.

Is this to be helpful to you?


Their primary interest is self-interest. They know how to bamboozle claimants who have no legal experience. Their goal is to give you a financial settlement that is as low as possible. They’re a business!

And that’s why you need to instruct solicitors who can fight the giants for you.

We guarantee the best service and prove it every week.

Let’s have a friendly chat today about how we can help you.

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Alternatively, please email our office: [email protected]

Accidents At Work * Checklist

1. Notify your manager
2. Complete an Accident Report Form
3. Get witness details
4. Seek medical attention
5. Contact a Workplace Accident Solicitor
6. Focus on recovery

Caution: Strict time limits usually apply

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What Our Client’s Say

“I would just like to say thanks for your help throughout my case. I found Accident Claims Direct really helpful; I was really satisfied with the settlement you reached for me. All staff was really nice, so easy to deal with and was a great help throughout the whole case. I would recommend Accident Claims Direct to my family and friends.”

L. McC., Dublin

“The service I received from Accident Claims Direct was excellent from start to finish. The settlement I received was in excess of what I expected. All the staff I dealt with were very Knowledgeable and easy to talk to; any issues I had were dealt with quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend Accident Claims Direct.”

J.B., Mayo
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