The Injuries Board

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB), often referred to as ‘The Injuries Board’, is an independent statutory body that deals with personal injury* claims and assesses the amount of compensation due to a person who has suffered a personal injury*.

All personal injury* claims in Ireland (except for cases involving medical negligence) must be submitted to the PIAB before commencing Court proceedings.

The PIAB provides an independent assessment of personal injury* claims for compensation following road traffic, workplace or public liability accidents. They can deal only with matters where there is no dispute on liability, as they do not hear cases.

Claims made to the PIAB have to be assessed within 9 months from when the respondent (i.e. the negligent party) consents to have the claim assessed by the PIAB.

Claims are assessed using the medical evidence provided by your doctor and, if necessary, a report provided by an independent doctor appointed by the PIAB. The injuries you sustained and your circumstances are taken into account when assessing the damages due to you. The guideline amounts for compensation for particular injuries are set out in the Book of Quantum.

In the event that the respondent agrees, an assessment of damages can be carried out by the PIAB without the necessity of proceeding to Court. Either party may reject this assessment, choosing instead to go to the Courts. In the case of complicated cases, or where the respondent denies any wrongdoing, the PIAB plays no further part and the case may go to the Courts. It is not the role of the PIAB to advise you on your claim or how best to present your case.

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