If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and you have suffered personal injury, here are some helpful tips which will assist you if you are considering making a claim:

  1. Make a note of as many details of the accident as you can.  Write down the date, time and location of the accident and, if it’s relevant, the weather conditions and what footwear you were wearing. Keep any damaged clothes or property to help support your claim.
  2. Get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the witnesses to your accident and ask them if they would be able to help your case by describing what happened.
  3. If the police attended the scene of the accident, get details of the officer in charge, including the police station where he/she is based and a reference number.
  4. Make a note of who caused the accident (including their name, address and telephone number).
  5. If at all possible, get details of their insurance company as well.
  6. Take photographs of the accident scene.  Sometimes it helps to have a date stamp showing on the photograph or stored, so it’s clear when the accident took place.
  7. Make a sketch plan of the accident scene.
  8. If you’ve suffered injuries, make sure you get medical help, whether this is visiting your GP or a local hospital.  If you go to an accident and emergency department, get a reference number.
  9. Report the accident to your insurance company so that they have a record of the accident. This should be done regardless of where fault lies.
  10. Keep a detailed record and receipts of any travel or other costs you have to pay because of your accident.