Boy who suffers hot chocolate burn settles case against Aer Lingus for €70,000

A boy who it was claimed suffered a scald burn to his leg when a hot chocolate drink he had ordered on an Aer Lingus flight spilled on to his lap settled his High Court action for €70,000.

Jason Yonkeu was 12 years of age at the time of the accident in August 2016 and was on the Nice-Dublin flight.

It was claimed when the aircraft was in the air 40 minutes after taking off from Nice, the boy, who was in the window seat beside his father, ordered a hot chocolate

It was claimed the cabin crew member gave the boy the drink with a lid attached to the top of the cup as well as portions of milk.

The boy removed the lid to add milk and then replaced it. However as he took a sip of the drink, the liquid spilled into his lap burning his upper right leg.

The boy was required to remove his clothes in the toilets in order to put water on his thigh as he was in pain. He was also given first aid.

When the plane arrived at Dublin the boy was taken to hospital where it was noted he had sustained a partial thickness scald (second degree burns) but he later made a good recovery.

Aer Lingus had denied the claims and the settlement was without admission of liability.