Accidents In A Public Place

Slipped, tripped or fallen?  Help is at hand

While in general the condition of public roadways, pathways and publicly accessible areas are maintained to a reasonably high standard there can be circumstances where due to negligence of a local authority or private company accidents and injuries can happen due to poor or incorrect maintenance.

Tripping on uneven paving or road surfaces and slipping on unclean or wet floors are some of the most common accidents.  Although many injuries from slipping or tripping are minor, some can be serious and have long-term effects.

These accidents can happen anywhere at any time, including in a public place, out shopping, while in a pub, restaurant or other leisure facility or in a school, college or hospital.  It may be tripping on broken paving stone in the street, or slipping on oil spilt on the floor of your local garage.

If an area is open to the public, then the custodians of that area have a duty of care to ensure it is safe and complies with all safety standards and directives.

Generally it may be unclear who is responsible for your injuries. If you slip on a pavement or road is it owned and maintained by the Council or by a private firm or individual? If you slip on a wet floor in a shop is your owner liable or is it tenant or perhaps even the plumber who didn’t fix the pipe properly?

If such an accident occurs it is imperative that the correct identity of the person who owns or is in control of the accident location is identified so that they may be pursued directly. If an unreasonable hazard was caused by the negligence of the local authority or private company and you suffer an injury as a result of the accident you may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries.

These are all questions that your LawPlus solicitor will be able to advise you on.

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